Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thing 23: Reflection

Well this whole process was interesting in itself. When i first started I was like wow! this is going to be fun, and it was at first and then i started getting busy and took a break from it. Then I came back a few months later and now I've accomplished my goal.There were a few sites I never heard of before like delicious, podcast, digg, and ning. I enjoyed working with twitter, Instant messenger, and flickr mashup. These site I will most defiantly continue to use in the future.

Some challenges I had included podcast, libworm, and Ning. These are sites i had trouble with, and didn't really care to much for. I thought that they are good, and useful for what they are, but wasn't as useful to me.

But overall my experience with 23 things was awesome, I have learned how to use google docs, which did i mention it is free!!! and an easy way to share documents with others. I have learned how to use flickr mashup to produce art work of my own, and I do hope that I be able to participate in future programs like this.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Developing your own 23 Things for your library

In a world that changes daily we must keep up with the newest technology and keep our skills tuned up. I was happy to know that everyone at my Library not only participated in North Texas 23 Things but finished. By doing this it shows their dedication to providing excellent customer service. This also made us realize how fast technology is changing and so by seeing this I hope we are able to do something like this once a year to keep up with the trends.


Podcasts are a great way to share audio files. They are pretty handy for recording storytimes, author visits and book talks for those library patrons who use library's electronic resourses. I sampled several library podcasts from the list given.The sound quality was excellent.I do think Podcast can be a useful tool for library patrons.


YouTube is a interesting site you can see all types of footage. From music videos to Poet Jams to Library stuff, etc. I like YouTube, because it does offer a variety of things. I went to the video below. I think it did an overall good job on what it wanted to portray.
Fort Worth Library's Living Legacy - Overview

Google Docs

The Best thing about Google Docs is the fact that it is FREE!!! One more time Free!!! I understood google doc and had fun working with it. It is an easy way to share documents with out attaching it. I enjoyed playing around with google doc, and will be using it when I will be using more then one computer, becaus eit is easy to save and get to with out saving to a flash drive, or floppy.


I use wikipedia sometime when researching a particular issue, and I find it to be very helpful. Wikis are a great way to share information. Wikipedia has been used for a some time amongst students, faculty, and etc.The only problem is that sometimes the information is incorrect. I did not like building my own wiki page on Wetpaint. I thought that is was okay overall, it was a good practice excercise.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Libworm is not for me, but it seems like a ueful website for librarians, or library lovers. I saw while doing my search that there were job postings. There were many articles that you can read and catch up on issues happening around the world with libraries. This is strictly to find information about libraries.